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Konfig is a developer tools company; we build API tooling based off the OpenAPI Specification and Postman Collection Format standards.

The Problem

Onboarding customers for API-first companies is difficult because APIs are complicated and time-consuming to integrate.

The Solution

We generate SDKs, Docs, and Demos/Tutorials for APIs so developers can integrate any API while writing as few lines of code as possible.

The Team

We are a passionate team of 3 people.

  • Anh-Tuan (Co-Founder) LinkedIn
    • Anh-Tuan co-founded TAI, an investment app that helped people learn about and trade ETFs. There, he went through the pain of integrating with APIs and wants to help other startups avoid the same issue
  • Dylan (Co-Founder) LinkedIn
    • Dylan built SDK & API tooling at Dylan is also an avid builder and once built a viral website with over 210,000 unique users
  • Eddie (Founding Engineer) LinkedIn
    • Eddie built a next-gen SDK for data scientists to explore data and deploy enterprise AI applications at