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AI-powered customized guides for your API

Konfig learns from your technical documentation and fetches your customer's configurations to generate customized onboarding guides. With Konfig, you can run an efficient onboarding process by spending less time handholding customers.

Ready to run an efficient onboarding process with Konfig?

How Konfig Works

For example, lets walkthrough the following scenario:

  • You have a customer that wants to integrate with your KYC (Know Your Customer) Identity Verification API
  • Your customer has a custom verification workflow that is setup elsewhere

1. 🛠️ Configure Konfig

Konfig can be configured to understand your technical resources and your customer's configuration.

2. 📄 Generate Custom Guides

When the customer is ready to onboard, easily generate custom guides on the fly that are tailored to your customer's needs.

Here is an example generated guide:

ACME 🤝 Customer

KYC API Integration Onboarding Guide for Customer

Welcome to ACME! This guide is intended to assist your integration of our KYC solutions using our API. This document will guide you through setting up your environment, authenticating requests, and making API calls with custom configurations.

Required Parameters Based on Your Configuration

Based on the configuration we pulled from your account, the following parameters are required to initialize the KYC process:

  • address: The address of the customer.
  • gender: The gender of the customer.


Before you start, ensure you have:

  • Python installed on your system.
  • The requests library installed in Python (Install using pip install requests).


To authenticate your API requests, ensure the following API key is set in your environment:

🔑 API Key!

export ACME_API_KEY=9415170c-e774-43aa-b863-3d0a94ef085f


Do not share your API key with anyone.

Integrating with ACME

Below are the primary endpoints you need to interact with the KYC system:

Initialize KYC Process

This endpoint initializes the KYC process for a customer.

  • Endpoint: /initialize
  • Method: POST
  • Required Parameters:
    • workflow_id: The unique identifier of the workflow from ACME
    • customer_id: The unique identifier of the customer from your system
    • address: The address of the customer
    • gender: The gender of the customer

We pulled workflow_id from your account. The customer_id, address, and gender should be dynamically fetched from your system.

Here is a Python example that includes the required parameters:

import os
import requests
WORKFLOW_ID = "de65fa5a-130d-43dd-a2c8-d01ff28443e4"
ACME_API_KEY = os.getenv("ACME_API_KEY")
url = ''
headers = {
'Authorization': f'Bearer {ACME_API_KEY}',
'Content-Type': 'application/json'
payload = {
'workflow_id': WORKFLOW_ID,
'customer_id': 'YOUR_CUSTOMERS_UNIQUE_ID',
'data': {
'gender': 'male',
'address': '1234 Main St'
response =, json=payload, headers=headers)

Check KYC Status

Use this endpoint to check the KYC status of a customer.

  • Endpoint: /status
  • Method: GET
  • Required Parameters:
    • customer_id: The unique identifier of the customer from your system

import os
import requests
ACME_API_KEY = os.getenv("ACME_API_KEY")
url = ''
params = {
headers = {
'Authorization': f'Bearer {ACME_API_KEY}'
response = requests.get(url, params=params, headers=headers)

And more...

3. 🤝 Easily Onboard More Customers

Multiply the efforts of your engineers so they can handle more customers.

More than a chatbot

To generate customized guides for your customers, Konfig is specifically tailored to understands the way your system works and your customer's needs.

🔗 Fetches Customer Configurations

Chatbots need to be prompted to understand what to generate. Konfig is configured to understand your customer's needs without any work from your side.

Required API Parameters

  • name_first:
  • name_middle:
  • name_last:
  • address: ✅
  • gender: ✅
  • email_address:

🧠 Deeply Understands OpenAPI Specification

OpenAPI Specifications are large and complicated. Konfig has a built-in OpenAPI Specification Understanding Engine that allows Konfig to understand your API without any work from your side.

✅ Produces Accurate Guides

Chatbots fail to understand the nuances of how your customer needs to integrate with your API. Konfig infers these nuances from hand-written documentation and generates the necessary guidance based on your customer's configurations.

To solve this, we developed an AI-powered rule and nuance understanding engine to ensure accurate guidance.

  • 🤝 Understands and enforces required API parameters with 100% accuracy
  • 🙅‍♂️ No hallucinations

Ready to run an efficient onboarding process with Konfig?