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Changelog #11 - Revamped Ruby, PHP, Swift SDKs and pnpm

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In this changelog, we're excited to announce the release of the revamped Ruby, PHP, and Swift SDKs. We've also made a change to the TypeScript SDKs to use pnpm instead of yarn or npm. This change has improved the reliability and performance of our TypeScript SDKs.

Furthermore, we've made several improvements and fixes to the Konfig's SDKs. These include various bug fixes, better documentation, security vulnerability fixes, and more rigorous testing for PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, TypeScript, and Swift SDKs.

Revamped Ruby, PHP, and Swift SDKs

Revamped SDKs

We revamped the Ruby, PHP, and Swift SDKs to be more consistent with the quality of our Python and TypeScript SDKs. This includes:

  • Improved code quality
  • Better test coverage
  • Better documentation

In particular, we removed the array of .md files that were generated as documentation and replaced it with the singular file that includes everything you need to know about the SDK. Putting everything on one page makes it easier to navigate and find what you need.

Improved README now includes a branded header, getting started instructions, and a reference section with documentation for every operation in the SDK. This screenshot was taken from SnapTrade's TypeScript SDK which served as a template for all revamped SDKs.

Konfig's TypeScript SDKs now use pnpm


Based on internal quality assurance and integration tests that we regularly run on our SDKs, we found that pnpm is a better fit for our TypeScript SDKs. It's faster, more reliable, and uses less disk space than npm or yarn. The breaking point for us was concurrency bugs that were not fixable while using yarn. When switching to pnpm, we found that these issues were resolved without special configuration. This change allowed us to fix flaky tests and continually ensure our generator was working as expected.

Improvements and Fixes
  • Fix lost descriptions when using allOf with a single schema
  • Fix bug where TypeScript SDK would send extra data in the request body
  • Add "strict": true to tsconfig.json in the generated TypeScript SDK
  • Fix OAuth 2.0 Token URL not being generated correctly in TypeScript SDK
  • Fix refreshing the token in the generated TypeScript SDK
  • Fix links in not working on for the TypeScript SDK
  • Fix security vulnerability from aiohttp in the generated Python SDK
  • Add x-konfig-prefix support in Go, Ruby, PHP, Python, and TypeScript
  • Fix default naming logic for security requirements in Go, Ruby, PHP, Python, and TypeScript
  • Add more rigorous testing for the PHP SDK
  • Add more rigorous testing for the Python SDK
  • Add more rigorous testing for the Ruby SDK
  • Add more rigorous testing for the Go SDK
  • Add more rigorous testing for the TypeScript SDK
  • Add more rigorous testing for the Swift SDK
  • Add securitySchemeOverride to konfig.yaml to override security schemes
  • Cleanup interface of top-level client class C# SDK
  • Fix handling of upper-case "in" field in securitySchemes in the OpenAPI specification