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Changelog #2 - Backstage Plugin, GraphQL vs. REST Blog Post, and Lots of Improvements and Fixes

· 3 min read

Last week we merged our plugin into Backstage (Pull Request) to generate SDKs for internal services. For those that love to follow and discuss technology, we also published a blog post where Dylan reviewed 1,000s of GraphQL vs. REST perspectives. We also made a lot of improvements to our Python, TypeScript, and PHP SDK generators.

Backstage Plugin

SDKs help onboard external developers but we know that the same problem exists inside organizations when integrating APIs from different teams owning different services. Backstage is a developer portal for centralizing your infrastructure and enabling product teams to quickly ship high-quality code. So we created a Backstage plugin to auto-generate SDKs for internal API services. If you are interested in generating SDKs for your internal APIs please reach out to us and we would love to talk. Check out our official plugin here!

Backstage Plugin
Backstage Plugin Marketplace with our official SDK generation plugin

Blog Post: I Reviewed 1,000s of GraphQL vs. REST Perspectives

Ask any developer: do you prefer GraphQL or REST? This often leads to opinionated conversations, sometimes even devolving into vulgar opinions rather than objective facts. To delve into the GraphQL vs. REST debate, I scoured platforms where developers frequently discuss such matters: YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Hacker News. I parsed 1,000s of discussions and synthesized my findings in this blog post, striving to present only thought-provoking perspectives. Read more here!

GraphQL vs. REST Blog Post
I reviewed 1,000s of GraphQL vs. REST Perspectives in our latest blog post Improvements and Fixes (there are lots of them this past two weeks!)
Improvements and Fixes
  • Konfig CLI now gives a warning to update to the latest version
  • Added "changeset" command for Konfig CLI to automate SDK generation using GitHub actions
  • When running "konfig generate", if "specInputPath" is set then "konfig fix" is also executed
  • Fix generated documentation referring to non-existent response variable in Python SDK
  • Konfig CLI now always runs a mock server when running "konfig test"
  • Custom package.json scripts can be added to TypeScript SDK using konfig.yaml
  • Fix bug in Python SDK where unexpected keyword argument error is thrown when attaching extra properties to request bodies inside a customized SDK
  • Add label to top-level README to differentiate SDKs that have PHP 7+ or PHP 8+ support (see SDK table in example README)
  • Reference OpenAPI "tag" instead of "class" inside operation table in generated TypeScript SDK README
  • Add flag "useDescriptionInOperationTableDocumentation" to konfig.yaml for TypeScript SDK to use "description" instead of "summary" field from operation in generated operation table for
  • Fix "ReadableStream" not defined in TypeScript SDK when API error is encountered in Node.js
  • Improve PHP 7+ support option
  • Error is now thrown if "topLevelOperations" references an operation ID that does not exist in the OAS
  • Fix bug where required path parameter causes syntax issue in Python SDK
  • Fix bug where dictionaries in generated Python SDK documentation was using "=" instead of ":" for dict values
  • Add "konfig published" command for listing all currently published SDKs
  • Add "konfig lint-python" command to run Ruff linter on Python SDK
  • Fix bug in Python SDK where "_headers" is undefined
  • Handle generators listed under "additionalGenerators" when using "konfig bump"