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Changelog #9 - Docs Portal iframe Support, Security Fixes, and Improved Python SDK Type Hints

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Happy New Year ๐ŸŽ‰! We are super excited to bring you Konfig Changelog #9. We have made some improvements to the Docs Portal, fixed some security vulnerabilities and improved the Python SDK.

Docs Portal Support for iframesโ€‹

iframe support

We've added support for embedding an iframe from sites such as YouTube, allowing you to embed videos and more into your portal.

Security Fixesโ€‹

security fixes

We fixed a security vulnerability in our Python and TypeScript SDKs:

  1. Upgraded aiohttp from 3.8.4 to 3.9.1 in Python SDK
  2. Upgraded axios from 0.27.2 to 1.6.4 in TypeScript SDK

Note that both these changes are backward incompatible so if you already have SDKs with Konfig, we have put these upgrades behind a feature flag so you can upgrade at your own pace.

Improved Python SDK Type Hintsโ€‹

Screenshot of response type hint being inferred inside of VSCode

Type hints in Python used to only previously work in PyCharm but now they work in VSCode as well.

Check Out Our New Blog Posts!โ€‹

We published two new blog posts:

  1. I Reviewed 1,000s of Opinions on gRPC
A fun read!

These are always fun to write because I get to learn more about the general sentiment of technology and deepen my understanding of different technologies.

  1. How To Implement Free, Fast, Local Search Using Fuse.js with Next.js SSR
A technical read!

To implement search functionality in Konfig's Docs Portal, we had to solve a really interesting problem around how to implement search in a Next.js app that is statically generated. This blog post goes into detail on how we solved this problem.

Improvements and Fixes
  • Stop Konfig automation workflows from running concurrently to avoid no-op PRs
  • Added retry logic to automation to improve reliability in case of transient errors
  • Fix request body array not being populated when navigating in Docs Portal
  • Remove the "Last Commit" badge from the generated since it was buggy and not useful
  • Fix broken "Documentation" link in top-level in SDK repo
  • Add more documentation of each property for adding markdown pages to docs
  • Support passing response as a parameter in Python SDK
  • Fix Go SDK not being published due to missing command in konfig publish
  • Added rule to catch duplicate method names under a tag in OpenAPI spec
  • Fix the summary property in OpenAPI spec causing a layout shift in the navbar
  • Change the icon of the parent section button from the burger menu to arrows to make it look more clickable
  • Fix the iframe width in the docs portal
  • For array request bodies in the docs portal, populate the first element by default to show all the documentation for the array item schema
  • Update prism dependency for konfig mock