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Changelog #6 - Improved API Portal Design & Refactored SDK Documentation

· 3 min read

Improved API Portal Design

We completely refactored the design and look of our API Portal to be more modern, sleek, and intuitive. Take a look at the screenshots below to see the improved design. We also added generated response examples and ergonomic improvements when navigating between pages in the portal. See a full list of changes in the "Improvements and Fixes" section below.

new design
Improved API Portal Design
docs dark
Markdown Documentation (dark)
docs light
Markdown Documentation (light)
docs dark
Markdown Documentation (with brand color header in dark mode)
docs light
Markdown Documentation (with brand color header in light mode)
reference dark
API Reference (dark)
reference light
API Reference (light)
demo dark
API Demos (dark)
demo light
API Demos (light)

Refactored SDK Documentation

We now allow you to brand your with a banner image using the new readmeHeader property in your konfig.yaml file like so:


title: Acme
image: header.png

This generates READMEs with your image and title at the top of the file like so:

Example TypeScript SDK file

We completely overhauled the generated documentation for Python and TypeScript to be easier to read and find what you're looking for.

Table of Contents
TypeScript Usage
Usage (TypeScript)
TypeScript Usage
Usage (TypeScript)
Python Usage
Usage (Python)
TypeScript Return
Parameters and Response (TypeScript)
Python Return
Parameters and Response (Python)

We also plan to improve the generated documentation for other SDKs.

Improvements and Fixes
  • API Portal now preserves scroll position when navigating between pages
  • Clicking the logo in the top-left corner brings you back to homepage
  • Implemented light/dark logo theme for API Portal
  • Added -x to not start a mock server in konfig test
  • Fix table rendering width larger than viewport in API Portal
  • Fix table from causing horizontal scroll on small screens
  • Fixed handling of non-Blob type values in TypeScript SDK for multipart/form-data
  • Handle array type schemas in request body for API Portal
  • Support bash, JavaScript, and many more languages as code blocks in API Portal
  • Point top-level API Portal domain to documentation if documentation is configured
  • Remove nested documentation in Python SDK
  • Embed all documentation into neatly organized for Python SDK
  • Removed nested documentation for TypeScript SDK
  • Embed all documentation into neatly organized for TypeScript SDK
  • Added ability to order endpoints in the API Reference page
  • Fixed scrollbar blocking header on Windows for API Portal
  • Fixed bug in konfig fix where fixing operation IDs fail because await wasn't used
  • Fix invalid links in top-level in SDK repository
  • Show example values and schema in API Portal for operations