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Changelog #5 - Dart, Generated Python Snippets, and Improved Styling for API Portal

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Konfig now supports generating Dart SDKs! This means that you can now use Konfig to generate SDKs for your customer's Flutter applications or Dart projects.


According to Stack Overflow's 2023 Developer Survey, Flutter is in the top 10 of the most admired frameworks for developers, with 64% of professional developers enjoying the programming language.


Generated Python Snippets

Konfig's API Portal now seamlessly integrates your Python SDK into the API Reference Page. This means that you can dynamically generate Python code snippets that can be easily copy-pasted for lightning-fast integration in Python. This is the second of many SDK languages that we will be integrating into Konfig.

Example Generated Python Snippet
Example Generated Python Snippet for SnapTrade

Improved API Portal Styling

We made improvements to the styling of the API Portal. The API portal now has rounder edges and denser styling to make it easier to read and navigate. We also made the navbar on the left side smaller to give more room for the core content on the page.

Example API Reference Page
Example API Reference Page in dark mode for SnapTrade
Example API Documentation Page
Example API Markdown Page in dark mode for SnapTrade
Improvements and Fixes
  • Eliminated dependency security vulnerabilities in Python and TypeScript SDKs
  • Add removeKonfigBranding configuration to Go SDK
  • Improved generated tests and documentation for Go SDKs
  • Created konfig pr-merge and konfig-pr-create commands for GitHub automation
  • Fixed Git repository tagging for Go publishing to properly be indexed by
  • Support submodules for Go SDK
  • Created new lint rule to catch potentially invalid required syntax
  • Created konfig list-sdk-submodules to be used in automation
  • Support submodules in the automation pipeline
  • Added client state validation in Ruby to catch invalid client state when SDK is instantiated
  • Validate UUID parameters in the API Reference Page
  • Created documentation for setting up API Portal with custom markdown pages
  • Added --tolerate-republish flag to konfig publish to allow for gracefully publishing of existing versions
  • Support multipart/form-data input for konfig mock server
  • Fix bug with .yaml files not being properly pulled in konfig pull